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Keeping Your Company On The Road 24/7

Redland Bayside Mobile Mechanic Dave is a fully qualified and highly trained car and diesel mechanic. He’s a dedicated asset to your company’s continued transport infrastructure.

Fully Licensed And Insured

As a fleet customer, Redlands Bayside Mobile Mechanic Dave will give your company priority 24/7 attention for emergency breakdowns to get your fleet back on the road ASAP.

Dave has the knowledge and equipment to fully service any make or model car or light commercial vehicle while covered entirely by a Public Liability of $20MnAUD.

Call Dave now to discuss why Redlands Bayside Mobile Mechanic is the best option for servicing your fleet of commercial vehicles.


Redlands Bayside Motor Mechanic has been an integral part of our continued business activities, we’re in Transport logistic’s. He’s efficient, on time, really well priced and an over-all champ to do business with, we highly recommend Dave to all Consumer and Commercial Clientele..


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    Our local mobile car mechanic team want to make car repairs as convenient and efficient as possible. This is why we offer an array of services including, car log book service, engine tune servicing, pre purchase car inspection Brisbane & specialise in mobile major service. If you’re after a mechanic Alexandra Hills or mobile mechanics Victoria Point, simply get in touch with our team! 

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